Pitcure of Max Billmyer

Max Billmyer Joins Our Firm

Max Billmyer Joins Our Firm

Max Billmyer has been into public accounting ever since the beginning of his professional career.  He’s honed his accounting and tax skills in places like Somerville & Company, in Huntington WV, and W.D. Sanders & Company, PC, in Charlottesville VA.  Max became the primary contact for the W.D. Sanders & Company, PC Charlottesville office when Bill Sanders moved...

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Employee Stock Option - Will ESO’s Gain Popularity

Will ESO’s Gain Popularity?

If you’ve been following the financial news media, the war for talent has intensified.  The search for good employees that obsesses tech companies has spread to other industries.  After almost nine years of mostly sluggish expansion, the U.S. economy shifted into high gear and is creating jobs at a record pace.  With the labor market tighter than it has been in decades, workers finally...

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Couple working out finances - Earnings and Personal Planning

Earnings and Personal Planning

This article begins with some uncommon guidance from an news editor friend of mine.  I say uncommon as the focus was to be about personal financial planning from an earnings perspective.  Here’s the guidance questions I was provided:

  • Why is it important for you to create a long term personal earnings estimate?
  • What are the steps to create this personal earnings estimate?
  • What...
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Increase Wealth With Certainty - Coin Piles

Increase Wealth With Certainty

Which do you find more fun, spending or saving?  If you answered saving, I’d be very surprised!  Most people, me included, love to buy things.  However, to be able to buy things confidently, you need a certain amount of wealth.  Striking a balance with spending and saving will help you increase your wealth with certainty.

I’m not saying that most people don’t desire savings. ...

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the game of risk game board

The Game of Risk

Have you ever heard of the game of RISK?

RISK is probably the best known and most played war game.  The game of RISK was first released in France in 1957 and made its way to the US in 1959.  It is a game of world domination, where the object is to conquer the world.  The game board features a map of six continents divided into 42 territories and accommodates two to six players.


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Lady Looking in Rear View Mirror - Lagging Economic Indicators

Lagging Economic Indicators

What drives your economic thinking?  What information contributes to your business decisions?  Or, your investment decisions?   I pose these questions because a great many people are influenced by recent events.  They let the past guide too much of their future by looking through the rear view mirror.  In fact, always looking backwards may only serve to increase your chances of becoming...

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Business Chart - Coincident Economic Indicators

Coincident Economic Indicators

It has been almost 235 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  And, since then the United States of America has developed the largest economy on the planet.  However, when one considers our long and proud history, the measurement of its economic performance is a relatively recent phenomenon.  We didn't have regularly published Coincident Economic Indicators until the...

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Statistics Binder - Leading Economic Indicators

Leading Economic Indicators

Leading Economic Indicators are useful for helping to predict turning points in the economy.  Although they are not always as useful as they promise.  However, business managers, consumers and investors can use them to keep their fingers on the pulse of the economy.

Almost every week there is some economic announcement.  These announcements influence business managers and investors...

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Federal Reserve Logo and Its Powers

Federal Reserve and Its Powers

Are you aware of the role of the Federal Reserve and it’s powers?  Whether considering personal finances, investing, buying a house or developing a business strategy, you should have a basic understanding.

In 1913, Congress established the Federal Reserve Bank, in response to bank failures that resulted in sharply decreased credit availability.  And during the Great Depression, the...

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Goals of estate planning chart

Goal of Estate Planning

For many clients and advisors, the central goal of estate planning it to pass as much wealth to the next generation as possible.  This thinking suggests that protecting assets is the solitary goal of an estate plan.  Unfortunately, this can be a misplaced emphasis.  Misplaced because it focuses simply on assets rather than family, structure over perspective and tax savings over family...

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